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Successful people write down their thoughts in the morning before they leave their home. Looking back at these thoughts helps them identify problems they can easily fix throughout the day. This helps lead to happiness.

I admit, I’m not the best at journaling… I go through phases because I’m always writing for the blog, which in retrospect, is a type of journaling! The days I do journal even if its just a few pages, I feel so much more put together.

It’s nice to add this to my morning routine as it helps set the tone for the day.

One Task At a Time

Successful people that achieve happiness daily, focus less on efficiency and multi-tasking and more on the present task at hand. It helps them give 100% to each line item on their to-do list without dropping the ball. Think about it, if you do a terrible job on a work project because you’re busy answering calls and emails, you won’t feel very good, right?!

I batch my time.

This is a very easy time-management hack that enables you to take full advantage of your concentration by doing a lot of the same things together at the same time.

If you’re a multi-tasker this will be difficult to implement at first, but trust me it makes all the difference! Buy a timer and set aside 15, 30, and 1 hour time frames for specific projects.

15 minutes for emails. 30 for checking social media, and an hour for lunch. When you bucket the items on your to-do list it will be easier to juggle your day… which leads to happiness!

Self Care

I have my morning skin care routine and I’m super OCD about it! Brushing teeth, showering, tongue scraping, all help start the day with intention. I do my morning routine while listening to Podcasts!

Successful people practice self care whether it’s hitting the spa once a month, treating themselves to a golf outing with friends, or simply enjoying their favorite show with a glass a wine. The important thing is taking time to enjoy a moment away from work that’s alllll about you.

For me it’s using a ton of beauty products at home. Whatever your cup of tea, go ahead and indulge #youdeserveit.


Humans were born to be in groups of people. This is why religion, sports teams, and book clubs are such an important part of people’s lives. Therefore, it only makes sense that successfully happy people nurture their relationships. They cultivate deep and fulfilling relationships by always seeking out their loved ones.

They don’t rely on these relationships to be happy. They find contentment in themselves first, before relying on their relationships to make them happy.  It’s also important to not waste time or energy on holding grudges. Understanding miscommunication happens and that it’s important to move forward with love and respect.

In the mornings, successful people take time for their loved ones. Whether it’s getting a hug from their spouse, petting their dog, or checking in on a friend, their morning routine involves connection.

Relajarse es la clave!! #massage #Lima #

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