Relax and enjoy a professional therapeutic massage in Perú.

A head-to-toe body massage with aromatherapy that combines long and relaxing movements designed to relieve stress and detoxify the mind and body.

Perú Wellbeing

90 minutes - 85 USD


Full Body Peru Wellbeing Massage

Innovated massages techniques and healing tradition are perfectly blended in this exclusive Peru wellbeing indulgence. Rocking movement will balance your body to prepare the mind to experience a fusion of a wide variety of bodywork. Our creation encompasses native Lomi Lomi, traditional shiatsu, along with Thai stretching and our signature back massage.

Bamboo Massage

80 minutes - 85 USD 


Bamboo Full Body Massage

Is a unique new therapy that relaxes tight muscles - instantly and painlessly! It’s an effective way to release stress and tension, relieve aches and pains, loosen tight muscles and improve sports performance.

Aroma Massage

50 minutes - 55 USD

80 minutes - 75 USD


Full Body Massage 

Traditional aromatherapy full body massage fuses the best massage. Carefully applied pressures stimulate the nervous system while Swedish and neuromuscular massage techniques support a healthy circulation, soothing the body and mind.

Hot Stone Massage

90 minutes - 95 USD 


Hot Stone Full Body Massage

Chakra Balancing

An all-embracing treatment incorporating an intensive hot stone massage and balancing of the chakra points. Warmed aromatic oils, combined with the therapeutic effects of the hot stones, are used to massage the body allowing a sense of deep relaxation.

Enlightenning Candle Massage

80 minutes - 89 USD


Enlightenning Candle Full Body  Massage                             

Experience that warm sensation of organic wax that provides physical and spiritual serenity through a subtle and gentle pressure massage. Choose your preferred aroma: lavender, rose, passion fruit or vanilla.

Coco Massage

50 minutes - 60USD


Coco Full Body Massage

Innovated massages techniques and healing traditions are perfectly blended in this exclusive Peru Wellbeing indulgence. Rocking movement will balance your body to prepare the mind to experience a fusion of a wide variety of bodywork.

Ayurvedic Massage

90 minutes - 99 USD


Ayurvedic Full Body Massage

Abhyanga & Shirodhara: It’s relaxing and sedative action exerts a therapeutic effect on the central nervous system. It is accompanied by a rhythmic and relaxing massage that renovates that body’s energy.

Jet Lag Massage

90 minutes - 95 USD


Body Scrub

Facial Express

Full Body Massage

Massages work so well with Jet Lag because it rests the body. This Massage helps restore the natural rhythm of the body. This cuts the recovery time of Jet Lag down to a fraction of what it would be otherwise. 

Relieving Massage

60 minutes - 60USD

90 minutes - 85USD


Full Body Massage

With moderate to heavy pressure targeting specific knots or tight muscles helping to relieve intense muscle pain.


90 minutes - 95USD


Shiatsu Full Body Massage

Japanese Zen-style shiatsu helps to balance the body, mind and spirit through a skilled manipulation of the body’s meridian system. The art of working with pressure points providing whole-body balancing, gentle stretches, along with joint manipulation help to alleviate muscle tension.

Maternal Caress

60 minutes - 55 USD 



Expert hands provide the passage of energy to strengthen the growth and development of a marvelous creation. This experience helps mothers to find mental and emotional balance as well.

Lymph Drainage

80 minutes - 79 USD 


Full Body Massage

A gentle, rhythmic treatment to positively influence and stimulate the entire lymphatic system. A sense of deep relaxation sets in, while supporting processes to reduce excess lymph and swelling.

Pindas Massage

80 minutes - 85USD


Pindas Full Body Massage

The Pindas are a natural preparation of aromatic and medicinal herbs that are wrapped in a bag-shaped cloth made by hand and mixed with essential oils that are heated by steam. The function of the massage with pindas is to balance: mind, body and soul with relaxing massage manipulations.

5to Element Therapy

90 minutes - 89 USD


Stretching Full Body Massage

A combination between stretching Thai massages, and Shiatsu acupressure, working with the meridian energies of each body organ. Both techniques create perfect sinergy to relieve stress, open the energy flow and provide deep relaxation.

Aloe Vera Massage

50 minutes - 65USD 


Full Body Massage

This treatment provides deep hydration, prolongs your tan and helps avoid peeling. Aloe, the sacred Mayan plant, is known as the plant of the immortality with great regenerating life powers.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes - 65USD

90 minutes - 90USD


Full Body Massage

This is a strong and powerful massage that helps release muscle tension.


60 minutes - 60 USD

85 minutes - 85USD


Full Body Massage

Prepare to let yourself drift away with this gentle and relaxing massage. 

Thai Massage

90 minutes - 95USD


Full Body Massage

Increase your energy levels, reduce physical and emotional stress, and find fulfillment and balance with our Thai massage; a complete healing experience that combines acupressure, yoga stretches, and chakra-balancing to achieve the desired results of loosening elevating relieving, improving blood-flow.

Revitalizing Legs Massage

50 minutes - 49 USD


Localized Massage 

Specialized stretching and deep tissue techniques are applied to relieve muscle spasm and restore a lightweight sensation. Highly recommended for sport lovers and people with very active lifestyle who need a personalized treatment.

De Stress Back & Reflexology

60 minutes - 65 USD


Localized Massage 

Our De-Stress Back Massage is the perfect way to nip your back and neck pain in the bud. It is a combination of deep tissue massage techniques with relaxing massage. The finale is an awesome Foot Massage, where the therapist works on “reflex points” on your feet (Reflexology).

Hindu Foot & Scalp Massage

60 minutes -59 USD


Localized Massage 

A treatment focused on the marma points of traditional foot reflexology, which stimulates internal organs and reflexive points of the head, neck and shoulders, face and feet. It harmonizes extreme levels of stress and fatigue, and includes a scalp mask.

Foot & Hand

50 minutes - 45 USD


Localized Massage 

Based on reflexology techniques with slow relaxing massage movements, it relieves stress by balancing your body and mind.

Back, Neck & Shoulders

30 minutes - 35 USD


Localized Massage 

A neck and shoulder massage works wonder to transform a stress. This massage is a great way to relax after a hard day work. During the massage, we use a special herbal massage cream made out of Juniper and Thyme, it will leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed and relieved of pain. Just try it!


30 minutes - 40 USD


Localized Massage 

Reflexology is an ancient practice in Chinese medicine that consists of massaging and squeezing on parts of the feet or other areas of the body to promote improved health and wellbeing. Reflexology helps restore and maintain the natural equilibrium and encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance.

Indian Head Massage

30 minutes - 35 USD


Localized Massage 

Special Indian techniques will clear the mind and oxygenate the brain through soft and vigorous scalp movements that release fascias and relax neck muscles. This experience ends with our signature Peru Wellbeing facial massage.


Your session will begin promptly at the time reserved.


Please show up 15 minutes prior to your appointment, this will allow you to fill out medical and contact information.

Lateness: As a courtesy to all of our clients, all sessions will conclude at the established reservation time. In case of late arrival to your session, it is possible that we may modify your  appointment or reduce the duration of your session, maintaining the original price of your reservation.


After 15 minutes of tardiness and no communication with us, your appointment will be forfeited and you will have to reserve again with us.


Cancellation Policy: As all treatments and therapies are personalized for each client, we ask that you inform us of your change of plans at least 24 hours in advance.

Restrictions: Treatments will not be offered to clients that are under the effects or influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

All treatments are therapeutic in nature, and in case of inappropriate conduct on behalf of the client, the session will end and the client will be responsible for  the payment of the pre-agreed type of reservation.


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