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Every gift is a real gesture of love and appreciation that means so much more than its mere material worth.

Is there a special day coming up and you don't know what gift to give?

A gift card  from Peru Wellbeing: ARÔMES & BIEN-ÊTRE 

Provides a memorable way to celebrate any occasion. From a luxurious and comfortable stay.


Peru Wellbeing gift cards are a thoughtful way to acknowledge life's special moments.


Buy a Multi-Pack & Save 10% on your total purchase!


Travel Peru Lima
Travel Peru Lima

Special date coming up and you don´t know what present to give?

We suggest giving wellbeing, buy a Gift Card and surprise that special someone with a unique present.


Get the


Gift Card


At Peru Wellbeing with have a varied range of massage options, facial for him and her, indiviual packages and couple´s packages.

Get in touch via Whatsapp (click)        + 51 962365535 

Expiration date of the GIFT CARD: From the date of purchase.

Original Price: 3 months

Special Offers: 1 month 


1.- Choose the therapy or gift an amount (those receiving the gift can choose the therapy up to that amount or choose a more expensive one and add the difference).

See list of therapies.

2.- Let us know if you want the online or physical gift card. It’s your choice!

Online cards: Let us know the email of the person receiving the gift and we will send It to them.

Physical card: Arrange to collect it or via Rappi. (The client organizes this directly with Rappi).

We do not deliver ourselves.

3.- Let us know the payment method.

- National:

a.- Yape.

b.- Plin

c.- Bank transfer (soles or Dollars).

d.- Debit or credit card.

- International:

a.- Western Union (Payment must be in dollars and this comes with a 5% discount.)

b.- Credit or Debit cards (30 minute deadline)

c.- Paypal (5% additional charge)

4.- We can send you our bank details or payment link.

5.- Make the payment and send up the confirmation.

6.- Send us the relevant details to prepare the card:



If you wish, you can send a message on a card (At no extra cost).

7.- Gift card ready! We will send the card.  

Still not convinced which of our many therapies to choose? Feel free to write to us and we will help you with pleasure. 

It is important to contact us via Whatsapp before making payment.

+51 - 962365535



Payment and receipt must be in American Dollars (The exchange rate is variable and changes the real price of the purchase).

- 5% discount

- Payment is made when the purchase is made and before the treatment.


  • Check on appointment availability

  • 24 hours notice for weekday and 48 hours notice for weekend appointments.


  • Mon – Fri (9am – 5pm)

  • Saturday (9am – 12pm)

B.- CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS: A link is sent that expires in 30 minutes. The DNI field should be completed with 8 numbers from a personal document and then send payment confirmation.

C.- PAYPAL: Payment can be made with a credit or debit card without disclosing financial details.

- 5% added to price.

An email with confirmation of payment. There are 30 minutes to make payment and send the confirmation.

Benefits of PayPal.

It’s free! 100% safe, quick, confidential and your information is protected.


Follow these steps if you receive a Gift card:


  1. -Please contact us via Whatsapp  +51 962 365535, send us the photo of the Gift card, the desired day and time of your appointment. We recommend that you do this with at least 48 hours in advance or you can send an email to

  2. Arrive 15 before the session. WE START PUNCTUALLY. If late these minutes will be taken off without a refund or discount.

LATENESS: If we are not contacted after 10 minutes of the session starting, another client will take the slot and there will be no refund.


CORRECT USE: The card cannot be used by another person or split or used on another day. Every treatment package has been carefully put together and we will not lower the quality.

GIFT CARDS WITH A SPECIFIED AMOUNTCheck out our web page, choose your therapy and coordinate with us. Only in the case of a high amount can therapies been done over different days.

CANCELLATION: Only a first cancellation is possible and this must be with at least 24 hours notice. A cancellaltion can be made if there is an emergency health issue but this must be done first thing and must be accompanied by a medical certificate. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. If this procedure is not followed the appointment will be seen as completed with no possibility of a refund.

CHANGE: When making your reservation, you can change the therapy to a different one with a similar cost or if more expensive, make up the difference.

REFUNDS: After a purchase has been made, no refunds are possible.

EXPIRATION DATE: The Gift Card must be used before it expires. A Gift Card cannot be used after this time and no refund is possible.


If a client arrives under the influence of alcohol or drugs or has inappropriate conduct, the treatment will not take place and no refund is possible.

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