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We just finished the four day Inca trail trek and were extremely sore and fined  at Peru wellbeing my wife and I had a great couples massage and feel so much better!  Thank you!!

Roy & Jessica Hunt


Amazing massage after a long couple days hiking, found and relieved pain pointg I didn't ever know I had.



Thank you so much four such a great 90 _ minute massage!   It was the best way I could think of to relax after such a long like to macchu picchu :) I'll be recomending you to anyove.


Thanks for a great jet lag massage!! Just what the doctor adered! . I shall come back again. Thank you.       

Lenny. A.


The massage and treatment were very good. Thank you so much for this.

Loes, The Netherlands.


I had the 90' minute massage, everything went well she was very professional and had me just relaxed as I want to before a long trip very recommendad!



Thank you so much for the great massage!  Very relaxing & I really enjoyed it. Thanks!!!


Thank you so much!  Very nice treatment!

I wad a good strong massage for my back and great calm full body massage will be back for sure! Peru is very nice. I'm looking forward for seeing Nazca, Machu Pucchu, Titicaca and more! Great country , good people. THNX :)



Muchas gracias. Amazing massage , sooorelaxing . Will never forget our time in Lima. Thank you

....from Australia :)  



A fantastic massage!!! The best... I wish!!! Was staying in Lima for longer!  Thank you. 


 It was so pleasant. One of the best massage!



Muy Bien!!!!   The best massage! I have ever had!  Relaxing, perfect pressure. Everything just right. Please move to Australia.

Haley, Australia.

Travel Perú...Enjoy Machu Picchu...

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