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Price Per Couple

Ritual For Couples        

Massage & Facial Express

Duration: 80 minutes

Normally: $176 USD

$129 USD

Sweet Couple Experience   

Body Scrub & Facial Express & Pindas Massage

Duration: 110 minutes

Normally: $219 USD

$185 USD

Side by Side         

Facial & Reflexology

Duration: 80 minutes

Normally: $159 USD

$129 USD

Peru Wellbeing Couples Ritual

Signature Massage with Energetic Massage

Duration: 110 minutes

Normally: $189 USD

$170 USD

Price Per Person

Relieving Massage 


Duration: 90 minutes

Normally: $85 USD

 $75 USD

Hot Stone


Duration: 90 minutes

Normally: $89 USD

 $79 USD

Jet Lag                    

Massage & Body Scrub

Duration: 90 minutes

Normally: $89 USD

$75 USD

Eternal Youth                  

Relaxing Massage & Facial

Duration: 110 minutes

Normally: $100 USD

$89 USD

Monday to Thursday(-15%)

8am - 1pm 

Except on National Holydays, Price per person. 

Angel Touch

Back Massage & Facial Express

Duration: 60 minutes

Normally: $65 USD

$55 USD

Bamboo Massage


Duration: 80 minutes

Normally: $85 USD

$72 USD

Wake Up Your Senses

Aromatic Massage with Tibetan Bowl

Duration: 80 minutes

Normally: $79 USD

$67 USD

Tension Free

Deep tissue Massage & Facial

Duration: 110 minutes

Normally: $105 USD

$89 USD


Relaxing Massage & Facial Express

Duration: 80 minutes

Normally: $79 USD 

$67 USD

Hot Stone Luxury

Hot Stone Massage & Chakra Balancing & Facial

Duration: 150 minutes

Normally: $139 USD

$118 USD


   By prior appointment only via email.

     All emails answered as quickly as possible.

  • Book your appointment well in advance.


  • Please show up 15 minutes prior to your appointment, this will allow you to fill out medical and contact information.


  • Your session will begin promptly at the time reserved.


  • Lateness: All sessions will conclude at the established reservation time. In case of late arrival to your session, it is possible that we may modify your  appointment or reduce the duration of your session, while still maintaining the original price of your reservation.


  • If you arrive 15 minutes late without letting us know, your appointment will be forfeited and you will have to make another appointment at a later date.


  • Cancellation Policy: As all treatments and therapies are personalized for each client, we ask that you inform us of your change of plans at least 24 hours in advance.


  • Restrictions: Treatments will not be offered to clients that are under the effects or influence of alcohol and/or drugs.


  • All treatments are therapeutic in nature, and in case of inappropriate conduct by the client, the session will end and the client will be responsible for  the payment of the pre-agreed type of therapy.

  • Enjoy the massage! We recommend that clients do not engage in conversation with the therapist during a massage. Inform us of any medical condition or things you think we should know before the treatment starts and then lie back and simply relax.


  • The client is responsible for loss of any personal objects. Please check you have everything with you before you leave.

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