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Our collection of high quality spa products are formulated with energy-enhancing essential oils that promote well-being and exhilarate the senses reflecting our "find your energy" philosophy. 

To continue the experience at home all the products we use for our treatments in
are available for sale.

swiss just Peru
swiss just Peru

Swissjust Swiss natural products for the body and the mind.

No more stress!  Anti stress: A specific and balanced blend of 15 natural essential oils, synergistically combined to promote feelings of relaxation and well-being that help cope with high moments of stress. 20ml.


Tension? Headaches?  31 Herbal Oil: Applied through massage, relaxes and restores the body's natural energy and ability to move comfortably. 20ml./ 50ml.


Feel the pleasure of free breathing! Eucasol: Eucaliptus spray, enriched with a delicate blend of refreshing oils. 75ml.


Instant relief in a bottle?  Body Balm: An invigoratin rub stimulates circulation and prevents bruising. 290ml


Protect & Rejuvenate  Chamomile hand cream: Protecting cream  that concentrates the comforting and relaxung properties of chamomile. 100ml.



swiss just Peru massage
swiss just Peru
swiss just Peru
swiss just Peru
swiss just Peru

Travel Perú...Enjoy Machu Picchu...

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