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Enjoy the Best professional therapeutic massage in the comfort of your Hotel.
An extra payment to get to and from your location of $10 - $35
Appoinments will only be confirmed after receipt of payment has been made.
Therapy in your hotel. Retreat to the privacy of your own hotel room for an indulging in-room spa treatment.  Therapists can tend to guest's individual needs, provide a variety of massage therapies inspired by wellness rituals from around the world.
   60min - 65 USD
     90min - 90 USD
    120min - 110 USD
- Relaxing 
- Relieving
- Deep Tissue
- Aroma- De stress Back - Reflexology 

- Peru Wellbeing´s Signature (90min)
- Shiatsu (90min)
90 min - 95 USD
- Jet Lag Massage 
- Pure Harmony 
- Peruvian Scrub
Miraflores - 10 USD 
San Isidro & Surco - 15 USD 
Centro - 20 USD 
Magdalena - 25 USD
Close to the airport - 35 USD

Duration: 90 minutes

  • Peru Wellbeing´s Signature: Innovated massages techniques and healing tradition are perfectly blended in this exclusive Peru Wellbeing indulgence. Rocking movement will balance your body  to prepare the mind to experience a fusion of a wide variety of bodywork. Our creation encompasses native lomi lomi, traditional        shiatsu, along with thai stretching and our signature back massage.   

  • Shiatsu: Japanese Zen-style shiatsu helps to balance the body, mind and spirit through a skilled manipulation of the body’s meridian system. The art of working with pressure points providing whole-body balancing, gentle stretches, along with joint manipulations help to alleviate muscle tension. 

Duration: 60/90/120 minutes

  • Deep Tissue Massage: If you prefer a strong and powerful massage, this release tension in the fascia. 


  • Relieving Massage: Moderate to heavy pressure on tight muscles providing relief from intense muscle pain. 


  • Relaxing Massage: Prepare to let yourself drift away with this gentle and caressing massage.


  • Aroma Massage: Traditional aromatherapy full body massage fuses the best massage. Carefully applied pressures stimulate the nervous system while Swedish and neuromuscular massage techniques support a healthy circulation, soothing the body and mind. ​


  • De stress Back - Reflexology: Our De-Stress Back Massage is the perfect way to nip your back and neck pain in the bud. It is a combination of deep tissue massage techniques with relaxing massage. The finale is an awesome Foot Massage, where the therapist works on "reflex points" on your feet (Reflexology). 

Luxury Therapies
90 minutes
Jet Lag 

Jet Lag Massage (60 min) +  Body Scrub + Facial Express

Massages work so well with Jet Lag because it rests the body. This Massage helps restore the natural rhythm of the body. This cuts the recovery time of Jet Lag down to a fraction of what it would be otherwise.


Pure Harmony 

Massage (75 min) +  Facial Express 

This express treatment is for those who are short on time but still seek the benefits of a full body treatment. 

Massage: This will target specific areas of the body to meet your particular needs.

Facial Express; Correct the first signs of aging with Vitamin C,  help to balance stressed skin, while providing instant and long-lasting hydration. 

Peruvian Scrub

Body Scrub + Relaxing Massage (60 min) + Facial Express

A chocolate-themed package featuring: Chocolate Scrub, 60 minute Massage

Only in Peru Wellbeing are you able to relax and enjoy chocolate without a single calorie. It’s a delicious head-to-toe treat for your skin! Our signature chocolate scented massage oil along with a classic Swedish Massage will surely soothe your senses.


Travel Perú...Enjoy Machu Picchu...

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