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We invite you to check out our website where you will find all the relevant information on: Treatments, Duration and Prices.


APPOINTMENTS: It is important to make your appoinment in advance. Please let us know if you have any additional requirements for medical reasons or a special date, etc. 


Whatsapp: +51 -962365535

By Email:

Appointment platform on the web: Please complete all the important information, email and whatsapp. Click Here.

By telephone: We do not make appointments by phone.

MEDICAL INFORMATION: When making your appoinment please let us know if you have any important health issues such as, allergies, spine injury, recent high sun exposure, etc, that might impact on the treatment asked for as knowing this information will allow the therapist to recommend an appropriate therapy to meet your needs.

PRICES: Prices are in US Dollars.

PAYMENT METHODS: Important! Appoinments will only be confirmed after receipt of payment has been made.

- Yape, Plin, BCP, Interbank, BBVA, Scotiabank.

- Credit Cards.

- Paypal: Treatment price + 5% for commission

- Wester Union.

SPECIAL OFFERS: All special offers only apply if paid by bank transfer or else the usual price will be charged.

All special offers, 2x1 or 3x2: the other treatment/s must be completed within one month of the purchase date of the offer.


LENGTH OF THERAPY: The appoinment will start and finish on time. 

ARRIVAL: Being punctual is of the utmost importance. Please arrive 15 minutes before the appoinment time in order to fill out the medical form. Without a completed medical form the therapy cannot go ahead. 

LATENESS: As a courtesy to all our clients, all treatments will finish on time. If you know you are going to be late, please let us know and we will do everything we can to fit you in, but this is not always possible.The length of the treatment will be reduced in order to finish on time so as not to impact on other clients. Nevertheless, the full price of the treatment will be charged.

If you have not contacted us and you are late by 15 minutes, the appointment will be cancelled, and a new client can be treated during this time.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please inform us of any change of plans at least 48 hours in advance.

´NO-SHOW´ POLICY: If a client fails to arrive for an appoinment, 100% of the treatment price will be charged.

HOW TO DRESS: No special clothes required.

WHAT TO BRING: Covid protocols require that you bring a medium-size towel and your vaccination card. Depending on the treatment, all other necessary items will be provided free of charge.

* Underage individuals must be accompanied by an adult.

Gift Cards: When utilizing gift cards, these will expire in case of a cancellation and/or modification of an appointment outside of the approved cancellation window. The Gift Cards may be exchanged for other products or treatments.


* Reservations need to be completed at least 48 hours in advance. Only once change in reservation is allowed and with at least 24 hours advance notice.


* You must present your gift certificate or card in order to receive a discount, and inform us of your discount when making your reservation.


* Reservations shall be made via email at and are subject to availabilty.


Payment Policy: Bank Transfer, credit card, PayPal.


Restrictions: Treatments will not be offered to clients that are under the effects or influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

All treatments are therapeutic in nature, and in case of inappropriate conduct on behalf of the client, the session will end and the client will be responsible for  the payment of the pre-agreed type of reservation.

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